Tweets from Space

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SOURCE: News release from Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller

Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller and her Astro-Pup Patches are encouraging you to see some cool Tweets from Space.

Once you are there, look on the right hand column of choices, and scroll down until you see the NASA Tweets Box. From there, scroll down the tweets to view:

Happy Father’s Day Tweet
See the message from Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley at the International Space Station speaking to their sons on Father’s Day.

Are you feeling like you need a little more SPACE?
How about 2,500 and 3,800 LIGHT YEARS away!
You would see a young planetary nebula that kind of looks like a beautiful butterfly.

See a Tweet @NASAHubble

What a VIEW!
You can also view this awesome image by clicking on the HUBBLE box above the NASA Tweets box